Here are all the different projects I worked on or currently developing. Check back often to see whats new!

The Magic Collar

Written by my nine year old, Ryan Valecek, a story about a young boy who always wanted his own puppy. The fun began when he found a magic dog collar. He came home with this story and I thought it would be a fun project to make it into a book. You can get more information on it by visiting

splatt Airbrush Tattoos

Looking for something exciting and unique? Having Airbrush Tattoos at your next party or event is the answer! You can book your next party or event over at

Web Design/Development

I started c-shellmedia to create websites, but over the years that has died down due to sites that offer free do it yourself tools. I still enjoy designing and developing sites. So if you have website that you need, let me know. Take a look at some of the sites I have done.


Part of any company is branding and logo design. Are you looking for a new logo? Take a look at some that I have done.